Dust Cover and Cambric are generally interchangeable terms for that thin black fabric on the underside of your furniture.

The dust cover on the bottom of most pieces of upholstered furniture is a utilitarian part of the furniture that is not visible when the furniture is placed in the upright position. The purpose of the dust cover is to:

  • prevent dust and loose stuffing from falling out,
  • protect furniture from any significant amount of dust entering from the bottom
  • provide a finished tailored, professional look by covering up the webbing, frame and springs

Wrinkles, misaligned staples, small tears and holes, etc. do not adversely affect the ability of the cambric to accomplish these objectives.

The dust cover might be a candidate for realignment or replacement if delivered with large tears (2 inches or more) and any cambric that is unattached or hanging down that is visible when furniture is upright.

Please note that replacement dust cover material comes in many weights, colors and variations and may not be an exact match to the original or other pieces on an order. Occasionally, a dust cover will have a zipper installed to access a power cord or legs stored inside during shipping. Replacement cambric will usually not include zipper access and is usually not available for repairs.

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