Manufacturer’s Warranty

All NATUZZI ITALIA brand sofas and armchairs are covered by statutory
guarantee and by a manufacturer’s warranty provided by Natuzzi S.p.A.
– registered office: Via Iazzitello 47, Santeramo in Colle (Bari), Italy –as
much as stated by the warranty certification and by the relevant law,
which remains binding.

Please read this certificate carefully. To request service under the
NATUZZI ITALIA manufacturer’s warranty, follow the instructions
set out below.

Registering your manufacturer’s warranty
To activate your NATUZZI ITALIA manufacturer’s warranty, you must fill
in the warranty registration coupon within fifteen days from delivery,
including the product identification number, which you can find in the
attached information booklet or on the underside of the product, on
our website or at the store where it was bought.
If you have bought several products, please enter their respective
identification numbers on the same coupon.

Subject of the manufacturer’s warranty and terms
This warranty applies only to products used within a normal residential
setting and in accordance with the maintenance and usage instructions
in the information booklet that is enclosed with each product.
Under this warranty, we will replace or repair the purchased product
free of charge, when, under normal conditions of use, it has non-conformities that were not recognisable at the time of delivery and that are ascribable to the manufacturer.

Natuzzi S.p.A. does not supply any other kind of warranties, other than
those hereby mentioned, with the exception of what is stated by legally
binding regulations on the subject.

The retailer and/or third parties may not alter the terms of this warranty,
nor may they issue any other warranty statements in any form on behalf
of Natuzzi S.p.A..

This warranty is valid for two years from the date of delivery of the
product. It covers non-conformities in cushions, mattresses, reclining
mechanisms, stitching, manual and/or electric mechanisms, suspension
systems (webbing), exposed wood trim and fabric coverings, and rips
and tears in the leather not due to normal use. All NATUZZI ITALIA
sofas and armchairs are protected not only by the statutory guarantee
applicable in the country where the product was bought but also by
a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, running from the time of
delivery and limited to the sofas’ and armchairs’ inner frame.

This warranty does not cover:
• non-conformities in products bought for non-residential use, i.e. in
environments other than the product’s normal residential setting
• faults or defects due to accidental damage
• natural markings or creases caused by damage to the leather or by
variations in the grain and colour due to the leather’s natural properties
(characteristics that simply reflect the use of genuine leather)
• cracking or peeling of the leather

• damage caused by burns, cuts, pets, or other forms of improper use
• damage caused by the user’s negligence or by unsuitable cleaning or
treatment of the upholstery
• damage to the leather or fabrics caused by the application of
inappropriate chemicals, detergents or softeners or treatments not
authorised by Natuzzi S.p.A.
• damage caused by corrosive materials, such as acids, solvents, dyes,
inks, paints, or human or animal body fluids
• damage from direct exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources, and
similar conditions, with resulting discolouration
• product damage due to abuse, improper use, or force majeure
• items sold as samples, as used goods, or “as is”
• damage due to repairs made by technicians not authorised by Natuzzi S.p.A.
• matters interpreted as non-conformities because of incorrect
information received from, or negligence by, the retailer
• claims for products that have been tampered with or whose
identification-number label has been removed from the underside of the

This warranty also gives you no right:
• to compensation for indirect or consequential damage (e.g. the
normal inconvenience and/or lost time entailed in repairing or replacing
products) or for the total or partial loss of use of the product

• to remedies that cost more than, or the same as, the product’s
purchase price.
Please also note that the cushions will normally become softer with use;
hence, this cannot in any way be interpreted as a loss of quality due to
production faults, defects in materials, or non-conformities of any kind.

How to request service under the warranty
(exclusively for repair under the NATUZZI ITALIA manufacturer’s
warranty and not for work covered by any statutory guarantee).
In order to be assisted by NATUZZI ITALIA manufacturer’s warranty, the
customers who denounce some product non-conformities must request
assistance from the retailer where they bought the product, within the
maximum time regulated by the local legislation.
You must send your request together with the purchase document
stating the date of the delivery and/or purchase, the product
identification number on the label on the underside of the product, and
photographic evidence of the fault or defect.
Please do not remove the label from the underside of the product.
Removing the label voids this warranty.
Within a reasonable time period, the vendor will make an inspection to
verify the extent of the defects.
If the retailer decides that the product contains manufacturing defects
covered by this warranty, then it will send a request for service on to
Natuzzi S.p.A..
Natuzzi S.p.A. will repair or replace the product or part of it, at its own
discretion, within a reasonable time period, after completing any further

checks that the reported non-conformities or defects exist and that they
are covered by this warranty; these checks may be made by Natuzzi
S.p.A. or by one of its representatives.
If, at the time of repair, identical materials to those considered nonconforming
or defective are not available, then Natuzzi S.p.A. reserves
the right to substitute those materials with others of equal quality and
economic value.
Consumers’ legal rights
The benefits provided under the NATUZZI ITALIA manufacturer’s
warranty are additional to your rights and remedies under the consumer protection
laws and regulations applicable in the country of purchase –
these statutory rights are not affected in any way.
The specific consumer rights protected by this warranty may vary from
country to country.

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